The Power of Giving: Fundraising for a Good Cause

Whether you want to raise money for a specific event or donate regularly to a community organization, fundraising for a good cause can be an empowering experience. It can build strong social connections, jumpstart a cascade of generosity in the community, and provide a big dose of happiness. Jill Suttie is a staff writer at Greater Good magazine. She holds a doctorate in psychology from the University of San Francisco and previously practiced psychology in private practice.

Give generously to community organizations

Community organizations are a great way to give back and serve your community. There are many different ways to give back, from helping those with physical or mental disabilities to helping others in need. The Saint Marina Center for People with Disabilities, for example, helps the mentally challenged learn to communicate and take care of themselves.

If you’re not sure how to start giving, start by thinking about the causes you’re passionate about. Volunteering at your local homeless shelter is a great way to get involved. You can easily find a volunteer position at most shelters, and rubbing elbows with the homeless can help change your perspective.

Donate regularly to fundraise for a good cause

Fundraising for a good cause can be an easy way to support an organization that has a long-term mission. The key is to promote the organization in the community and ensure that people know what it is doing. To do this, you can organize events that encourage people to give regularly. One way to do this is to use social media to advertise the organization. Schools can also hold annual School Fundraisers like spelling bees, trivia tournaments, or movie nights.

Focus on individual stories to generate donations

Stories are powerful tools for fundraising, awareness-building, and mobilizing volunteers. Stories connect people to a cause, and they’re especially effective when nonprofits tell the stories of real people. Rather than telling generic, cookie-cutter stories about your organization, focus on individual stories that are as specific and human as possible. The more specific your story is, the more likely donors will be to relate to it and donate.

When fundraising for a good cause, you can highlight the story of a single person to better connect with potential donors. Highlighting a specific student, for example, will create a more personal connection with potential donors. People also tend to give more to an organization they feel emotionally connected to, so focusing on a single story will ensure donors feel more connected.

Make sure to include a donate button that is visible and above the fold. The button should be in a bright color, easy to see, and easy to use. The language on the donate button should be actionable and concise. Remember, the main reason donors give to charity is because they’re inspired by a personal connection to the cause. The best way to share that connection with your supporters is by sharing donor stories. Be sure to focus on the people that your donors helped.

Encourage donors to participate in non-event fundraisers

Non-event fundraisers are a great way to bring in additional revenue for your organization. They can help your organization continue its work year-round and are fun for participants. Whether you’re planning a winter party or a summer cookout, you’ll find many ideas for non-event fundraisers that will draw in a diverse crowd.

One fun idea is to have a community carnival. This event can be inexpensive and involves a variety of fun activities, such as bobbing for apples and playing cornhole. You can also have local businesses donate prizes and donate food. Another fun idea is a pub crawl fundraiser. A pub crawl is a fundraiser that takes you through local bars and restaurants. It’s a great way to meet supporters and share the fun.

Hosting a car wash can also be a fun fundraiser. You can advertise it in local businesses and on social media. If you have a carwash location, it’s a good idea to advertise it in high-traffic areas. If possible, make sure to provide ample parking space.

You can also organize a community color run. A color run can be a fun twist on a traditional 5K, as participants will be doused with color powder or water as they run. This will attract more participants and increase your exposure. You can also offer a flat registration fee, which will encourage peer-to-peer fundraising.

Another non-event fundraiser is a comedy night. Comedy nights can also generate donations for charities. Organizers can hire comedians to perform for a set fee or charge attendees a nominal fee at the door. However, it is important to screen performers carefully. Putting inappropriate jokes in front of donors could drive them away.