How to Spend Quality Time With Friends Online

Studies have revealed the power of friendship to enhance one’s happiness, well-being, and sense of self. Unfortunately, however, many fail to prioritize friendship due to work or other obligations.

There are fortunately many enjoyable ways for friends and you to pass time online when quarantined, making your online time worthwhile and making memories with each other.

Watch Movies

Since the outbreak of pandemic, it can be challenging to make plans with friends in person; however, there are still many ways you can spend quality time together; one popular activity being watching movies online together.

Many apps and extensions exist that you can use to help facilitate this. TwoSeven provides a social aspect, allowing you to join scheduled public viewings of movies chosen by the community while at the same time having text conversations with your friends while viewing.

Facebook’s Watch Together feature is another fantastic option, enabling up to 100 people to watch movies from its carefully curated library in unison – perfect for rewatching Community or Stranger Things with friends! Simply follow a few extra steps when setting it up!

Play Games

If you want a fun online activity with friends without spending the energy or money for a trip, try playing guessing games! From classics such as 20 Questions and Drawful/Quiplash to newer variations like Drawful/Quiplash there is an assortment of guessing games you can try that give everyone involved a chance to be creative while working towards finding out the correct answers together.

Fact or Fiction is an exciting guessing game where players share random truth or dare statements and other people must guess whether it is real or fake. This game can be especially enjoyable with friends who aren’t afraid to display their courage! Other popular guessing games for online play include Heads Up and Charades – these will keep everyone laughing and shouting over Zoom! But if you and your friends want something more than just casual fun, this article from GuidedNews has all of the information you will need.

Go Instagram Live

Movie nights remain an ideal way to spend quality time with friends, while many activities students once enjoyed in person can now be done virtually through hobbies like puzzling or crafts. Virtual activities provide the chance to stay in contact and bridge any distance between those who may have moved apart.

Utilizing Instagram Live can be an effortless and engaging way to stay in touch with friends online. You can record a video and share it with followers – just be sure that whatever content you post meets Instagram’s content guidelines and is appropriate for the target audience.

Use this platform to explore new beauty or fashion trends with your BFF. For instance, host a virtual hair-dyeing party and color each other’s locks with vibrant hues!

Make YouTube Videos

Are you and your friends fond of creating YouTube videos together? Creating cooking or lifestyle vlogs can be an enjoyable way to pass time together while entertaining audiences! Get creative and entertain them all.

Before recording, carefully consider your goal for this video. Are you hoping to raise awareness of an issue or instruct viewers (i.e. tutorial videos).

Make humorous parody videos or create an entertaining blooper reel if that’s what resonates with you, but don’t forget the blooper reel as YouTube loves seeing those! See how people react; this could make them laugh and remember your video more! Alternatively, Discord’s Watch Together feature makes creating and hosting YouTube parties easy – free and perfect for syncing videos together!

Write a Short Novel

If you possess creative writing ability, why not put it to use and attempt writing a short novel? Not only will this exercise keep your creative juices flowing but it’ll give your friends something interesting to read as well!

To create an impactful short story, it is imperative that you fully comprehend your characters and their motivations. With limited space to introduce readers to their world, knowing each character well is crucial.

Popular platforms to share short stories online include Figment, Scribd, and Medium. Each has strong communities and forums which make for ideal platforms to collect feedback from real readers while offering some amazing rewards to authors – so definitely worth exploring.

Learn a New Language

Learning a foreign language can be both stimulating and enjoyable, helping to deepen relationships across borders while opening up possibilities for travel or work opportunities.

Some people believe the best way to learn a new language is traveling directly to its birthplace; however, this is not your only option – movies, TV shows, podcasts and music can also provide invaluable listening practice!

Assembling information will enable you to better hear how a language is pronounced and spoken, and understand its culture of speakers. Knowing more will make learning the language much simpler – just like with any skill, learning a new one takes time and perseverance! And don’t worry too much about making mistakes – learning a language takes patience!


Cooking with friends is a fun and relaxing activity that can be done virtually. It provides an opportunity to form close bonds among those who may not be able to meet up face-to-face during the COVID-19 pandemic, including those living far away.

Explore new recipes over Zoom or Facetime, trade home DIY cooking tips, or collaborate on creative projects together – cooking, crafting and DIY are all therapeutic outlets which become even more enjoyable when done alongside someone.

Try one of these enjoyable activities with your online friends, and arrange regular calls or meetings – they’re sure to keep you feeling connected and safe at home while staying healthy! Who knows? Perhaps one or both of you will discover new hobbies! Happy chatting!


Digital scrapbooks are an engaging and creative way to share memories with loved ones. You can gather photographs, ticket stubs from concerts or movies, funny notes and other mementos into one online scrapbook and add your own designs for a truly personalized scrapbook experience.

Beginning a digital scrapbook doesn’t require many supplies – all you need is a computer or tablet, digital photographs (which you can find online), photo editing software and social media to start building one.

In this lesson, you’ll discover how to layer artistic elements to make your pages more visually pleasing and explore some automatic options to speed up the design process. Furthermore, you will discover ways to produce some impressive illusions that may leave people guessing whether your pages are real or not!

Make Crafts

If you and your friends used to socialize regularly before COVID-19 struck, but haven’t since, this may be an ideal opportunity to resurrect old hobbies online – from puzzles and painting each other’s hair colors!

Video calls can also help you share creative projects like trying out a new recipe, exchanging home DIY tips, drawing, and so much more! Working creative projects together with friends is not only enjoyable and therapeutic; it can even strengthen friendship bonds! Get your supplies together now and make time for something fun – be sure to post the final results online as a tribute to their efforts.

Binge-Watch TV Shows

With streaming services at our disposal, it has never been easier to binge-watch a television series at once. Binge watching can provide a sense of control, escape and relaxation all at the same time.

Binge-watching can lead to loss of focus and overstimulation, so it’s essential that television viewing time be balanced with other activities like socializing and cooking food.

If you and your friends haven’t experienced TV together yet, pick out a humorous show and binge watch it together. Sharing laughs while shipping TV characters is an enjoyable way to build friendships online.

Discord servers, Kik public groups, Reddit or text message can provide long-distance friendships with quality time together if distance prevents physical contact. You could also take advantage of free trials for different streaming services if that suits your preferences better.