9 Ways to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos will become lasting keepsakes, which makes finding a photographer of equal quality all the more essential.

One of the best ways to find a wedding photographer is by viewing their portfolio, asking for referrals, and searching on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Reminding oneself that photographers specialize in various fields is also essential, so searching online using specific keywords or venues may prove more fruitful.

1. Look at Their Portfolio

If you don’t already have recommendations from friends and family, one of the easiest ways to select a wedding photographer is to browse their portfolios and see which style speaks most strongly to you.

Once you’ve identified some photographers whose aesthetic matches yours, request to see full galleries from real weddings they have covered. While some photographers only showcase highlights galleries on their websites, asking to view two or three full galleries will give a better sense of what to expect.

Ask them if they have experience shooting weddings at your venue before. This will give them the experience needed to capture stunning photos of your big day, while it also lets you assess their knowledge of its layout.

2. Read Reviews

As you narrow down your list of wedding photographers, reading reviews can give you an insider perspective. While technical expertise remains vital in selecting a photographer, hearing what other couples experienced when making their decision can make all the difference when determining your ideal choice.

Look for reviews that go beyond simply saying they were professional and on time; read for specifics such as their ability to capture spontaneous moments and whether their directions were clear.

Consider how well they worked with other vendors, particularly when it came to timelines. An experienced photographer knows the value of meeting schedules and vendor requirements in order to capture all your precious moments, while handling unexpected changes and setbacks without further setbacks – this makes investing in one truly worthwhile.

3. Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to select a wedding photographer is through referrals. Most photographers will have past couples as references who can give testimony as to their experience working with them; ideally these should come from couples whose wedding styles resemble your own.

Assemble all of your research before selecting your photographer. Doing this will allow you to assess their suitability for your wedding style as well as gain an idea of their work throughout a wedding, which is invaluable when the day flies by and there are often unexpected turns and turns-up!

Referrals can be gained by asking recently married friends, reading online reviews or attending bridal shows and other events where photographers often attend in order to meet brides-to-be who may be interested in their services and network with potential brides – this provides you with an excellent opportunity to build relationships and network!

4. Schedule a Consultation

Meeting your photographer face to face is the best way to assess if they fit with you, so ask questions, browse their portfolio, and gauge how comfortable you feel around them. As they’ll likely spend much of the day with you on your big day, making sure they understand and share your vision is paramount.

Ask the photographer how they work on wedding days to ensure they will capture all of your planned moments and celebrations. Organizing and responsiveness should be prioritized over any other factor when hiring your photographer.

Be sure to inquire about their backup equipment as it gives you peace of mind that they’ll still deliver photos that you need on the big day.

5. Look at Their Work Online

Before selecting your photographer, be sure to review their online portfolio to gain an idea of their style. Does their work capture moments such as mom bustling her daughter’s dress or an emotional first look, as well as work with the colors and tones you envision for your event day?

Determan stresses the importance of noting if a photographer specializes in weddings only as this may limit your options for other photoshoots. She points out that “the couple/photographer relationship is an intimate one”, so you need to have good chemistry from day one in order to have successful photoshoots.

She advises forgoing buzzwords such as photojournalism, naturalism and modern traditionalism and instead focus on what draws you to each photographer’s work: whether they have captured key details such as tabletop centerpieces perfectly framed within their composition, or artistic candid shots of your grandpa dancing with his buddies.

6. Ask for a Quote

Before searching portfolios of photographers, make sure your wedding date, venue and budget have all been finalized. This will prevent falling prey to overpromising photographers that set unrealistic expectations for you.

Asking how many images a photographer typically delivers from a full wedding day will give you an indication of whether their work tends toward highly edited shots, or more natural and raw coverage.

At last, inquire into your wedding photographer’s photo editing style. This Wedding Photography in Halifax understands and shares your aesthetic – be it vibrant colors with dramatic effects or dreamy washed-out tones with dreamy hues. If they have an established style known for, it should be easy to see how their work translates to your wedding photos.

7. Look at Their Website

When selecting photographers, it is crucial that one closely examines their websites and blogs. Here, photographers can showcase their work more formally while sharing testimonials from past couples as well.

By studying their photos on their homepage, you can get an idea of their style. Are there a range of shots that display their skillset?

Take note of whether or not they offer full wedding galleries on their site; this allows you to see how well their work compares across an entire wedding day.

ShootDotEdit customer Brent Looyenga welcomes visitors and draws them in by featuring a gorgeous wedding gallery on his homepage, which shows off his photography talents with stunning images that showcase his talents.

8. Look at Their Instagram

If you are struggling to decide what style of wedding photos you would like, spending some time online gathering inspiration may be beneficial. Look at fashion bloggers or decor images–anything will help narrow down your search a little!

Make sure to carefully evaluate a photographer’s full collection–not just a highlight reel from numerous weddings–for an in-depth evaluation of what they do best, and whether their work speaks to you. Also keep an eye out on Instagram accounts; many photographers post real wedding images there that provide a good indication of their style. Finally, ask if they have ever shot at the venue where your event will take place so as to avoid hiring someone unfamiliar with its lighting and atmosphere.

9. Look at Their Facebook Page

An individual’s online presence should tell you a great deal. A reliable photographer should have a professional website and portfolio which showcase their skill level, techniques used and wedding experience.

Many photographers only show prospective clients highlights from multiple weddings in their portfolio; this does not provide enough evidence of how well they perform on wedding days. Ask to see at least two full galleries from actual weddings so you can get an accurate sense of the full range of photographs they will capture for you on your big day – portraits, candids, detail shots and reception shots will all be covered by them.

Focus less on buzzwords like “photojournalism” and “naturalism”, and consider whether their images speak to you instead. Your photographer should make you and your loved ones comfortable being photographed; especially self-conscious parents and boisterous flower girls can benefit greatly from having someone make sure everyone feels at ease when being photographed.